Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When the Navy Seals conducted the Abbottabad raid, the CIA and The White House were watching the fight in real time.
They were using VSee technology http://vsee.com/ Each Seal had a video camera on his gun, the video signal was transferred to a helicopter hovering above, the helicopter had enough power to uplink the video to a satellite, which linked back to the CIA and White house.  

Quite amazing. Vsee provides low bandwidth collaborating capability. I am not sure what would be the real business need. Knowing that it has been used for such a confidential purpose, may be security is the main strategic intent. Every product will have a selection killer. May be, this pdt cant be used for basic collabortaion needs one need in industry, or for the hi-fi Mars exploration by NASA. But seeing how a product suits a specific need or knowing it, itsef is an innovation.

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