Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restart of an "Ended ........."

I wanted to do this.. But I could not do this ... How much serious am I about that, determines how hard I take it my heart... and how much I use my mind to get out of it?

Life is never simple like that. Its neither deterministic nor random..

But "never mind" kind of attitude is something very very hard to get used to, for those who stands for what they are ...

There is no escape , but  face and find solutions.

After all these hard phases, what if something very crucial/tough turns out very peaceful in life. It is seemed to be deterministic at some degree and random at different degrees.. But I realised that the whole crux or the meat of the problems in life is not completely random in terms of both causes and solutions. We get for what we do. I got all those bad and good phases for whatever I did !! There is a possibility to restart even when someone feels the life has ended..

I just feel its a restart of an ended life.


Anonymous said...

Nice lines Aarthi... Yes, life is not completely random, and not completely deterministic. Being the protagonist of my own life, I would have to enjoy the happy moments, and endure the rough moments because of my own actions/choices.

In some of the most agonized moments, I felt it easier when I took the observer's seat than simply bearing the load :-)

By the way, your style of sentence construction is excellent in this post. Keep writing and keep living every moment!

aarthi said...

Thanks Gopal. True that most of us have such feelings. Only the approach differs.