Thursday, October 14, 2010

Individual Thinking

"You may have been born a genius, but you have to put a lot of sweat into it after that. You don’t get to be a gold medal Olympian on natural talent alone.

Success may begin with natural talent, but you also need the work ethic and drive.

When you start your career, you focus on generating data, but as you go on, what’s important is the integration of knowledge, not the data per se. That integration takes time, you just have to live through it. You also have to be able to handle failure and rejection along the way. Don’t be afraid to try something creative and new just because the experiment might not work out."

ps: not sure if I can disclose whose words are these, but that does not matter ...


Karthikayini said...

Nice to c u writing after a long gap my friend...Good...Keep it up!

aarthi said...

Thanks Gee !