Thursday, June 23, 2011

Naughty yet Adorable ..

Our recent pet (less than one year with us).. is one of the naughty dogs in this world. We grew an another labrador for nearly 3 years. She was so polite, so kind. Of course she was aged. She expired a year and 1 month before and then we started to grow the one posted here..naming her also "Jessy".

Once my dad got up from the long chair he was laying down, he saw Jessy running fast towards that chair. BTW, She keeps eating, running and jumping, her fav time pass. So he neglected and went ahead. Much to his surprise, she jumped onto the chair and never got down from that for hours till my brother told her in stern voice "Jessy! get up!". This is the most naugtiest dogs we have ever seen.

So far she has torn many of mom's sarees, trying to jump and play with her. She knows her timetable: when she needs food, walk, pee, sleep. To our surprise without any formal training, she has picked up everything. The most adorable part is that she is always happy for no reason to believe.


Karthikayini said...

Visiting ur blog after a very long time...Changed the theme...looking good

aarthi said...

Thanks Gee ..