Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hunger Brain Cells!!

In the companies like Shell, one can more or less get into the areas one would like to, as long as he/she can deliver focussed.. What I think Mundane work is sometimes very crucial for business delivery. So one has compensate and leave their brain cells hunger at some instances. And doing a very in-depth fundamental work is not going to help unless there is a clear business connection, even in case of emerging technologies (in the horizon of say 5-20 years)...

This is one moment in my career life, I look back and feel, and look ahead and feel, there are lot more new arrivals (techs...) and theres lot more scope, and depends solely on me, to try and develop in these fields. Of course, politics are everywhere.

ps:  in a relatively vast company, if there are "x" no. of people using their power, there are more than "x" no. of people who are genuine and have good integrity values. That I believe is the major caveat: we should network with those appropriate people (no loose ends, hence straightforward approach) as well as those inappropriate people (human factor :))..

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