Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While I was talking to a friend, he mentioned that he expected someone  to be ideal. Its been very long after I ponder over something or some subject in my mind. This conversation pushed me into that old habit for few minutes, thinking through and trying to see what is all about, Is being ideal - something real in life. In my experience Idealism is very  far from reality.. One does not encounter an ideal person in a normal world. believe, even if someone says he/she is not selfish, that's merely a statement. There are many important/crucial events or incidences in life, where I have seen people behaving quite selfish. And I have also seen the positive side of that... this is not a cynical post.. rather I am just randomly writing today what I feel about idealism, which does not seem to exist. But happiness exits, society exist, people exists together... Unless all the negative energy is wiped out, I don't see idealism. I sincerely believe we should not misuse the word "ideal"

Great Day !!!